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By Daniela Nascimento

The research and interpretation of conflicts could be a dangerously simplistic workout. A western, built socio-economic viewpoint can simplify conflicts within the so-called ‘Third international’ because the inevitable struggles of people that can't coexist as a result of ethnic, spiritual or cultural changes. whereas acknowledging that many modern conflicts are characterized and stimulated through those components, this booklet demands an method of clash prevention and backbone which normally addresses the underlying political, financial and social reasons. The clash in Sudan, the place narratives developed from an interpretation in accordance with spiritual variations among a Muslim North and the Christian South, offers a case research during which the writer explores how so much prevention and backbone concepts have been in response to incorrect assumptions resulting in terrible effects. through focusing in its place at the underlying socio-economic inequality and marginalisation between teams she analyses the dynamics of the advanced peace procedure to check if and the way monetary and social rights have been successfully integrated and carried out as part of the peace contract, together with after South Sudan’s independence.

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