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By D. George Sherman

during this ethnographic examine of the small mountain village of Huta Ginjang within the Samosir region of northern Sumatra, the writer pursues 3 major issues: the position of rice within the Batak economic climate of feasting, and the cultural ecology of dry- and flooded-field rice-growing. vital questions emerge: How did the social and monetary alterations due to Dutch colonization - fairly the adoption of cash as a medium of trade - have an effect on Samosir Batak tradition/ Have the values that principally form the neighborhood economic climate been essentially altered through the results of colonization and next eastern and Indonesian administrations? After introductory chapters current the environmental and old history of the Samosir zone, the writer describes the socio-cultural base on which its agricultural financial system rests: indigenous political and non secular associations, ideas of patrilineal descent and marriage alliance, and, most significantly, the ideology of the feasting process. He then examines intimately and in comparative viewpoint the rural practices of Huta Ginjang, and in addition bargains extra mostly with the industrial kinfolk and associations of the villagers, particularly advertising, credits, and cooperative endeavours. because the key creation devices are nuclear households, the writer analyzes the improvement of families and the association of work in cultivating plants. He then turns to the distribution of cattle and land through either ritual and nonritual capacity. The ebook is illustrated with images, line drawings, and maps.

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