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By Nonie Sharp

This publication plunges the reader into the original and colourful sea worlds of the peoples of northern Australia. We come to benefit how profoundly those saltwater humans understand their bountiful waters and seashores, which to them are the sacred endowment of ancestor spirits to their clans - not just as a resource of livelihood yet of id, cultural reminiscence, neighborhood and spirituality.

In distinction, in western culture, the ocean, in contrast to the land, can't be owned - the idea of freedom of the seas has for hundreds of years been a cornerstone of sea legislation.

In Saltwater People Nonie Sharp crosses among traditions to find telling variations and brilliant issues of touch, illustrating how noticeably diversified attitudes perhaps in regards to the relationships of peoples to their 'territory'. Sharp's comparative technique touches on either old and modern situations as a ways afield as Scandinavia, the united states, Canada, New Zealand, providing clean perception into problems with indigenous historical past; land and sea rights; public, deepest and customary estate; and atmosphere. Her energetic examine compels non-indigenous readers to mirror at the origins in their personal institutionalised rights to typical assets, and the knowledge each one culture can have for the opposite. personal institutionalised rights to common assets, and the knowledge each one culture could have for the other.

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